A Note About My Health

Last month I was diagnosed with scoliosis in my spine. I have suffered from chronic back and neck pain for many years, but have never been able to get it looked at because my family has never been able to afford health insurance or a family doctor. We certainly would not have been able to afford the x-rays and EMGs… Read more →

Book Three Cover Reveal!

My apologies to those of you waiting for the release of book three, The Soul Stone. It is alive and coming down the pipe very quickly. There were some unexpected delays, but no more. The cover is in hand over at Brackburn Publishing, and it should be available by the end of the week. I’ll have more updates, so keep… Read more →

Book Three Update

I’ve been off the blog for a while, mostly due to health concerns that have kept me from getting things together as I would have done otherwise. But I am thankfully doing better. Book Three of Finian’s adventures, titled The Soul Stone, is going to be released in late March or early April. I’ll have another update when I release… Read more →