I blog, therefore I am

I come awake, a wyrm from hibernation, a life through birth, leaving a puddle of birthing html fluids all over the midwife. I blink around myself bleary-eyed, like a camera with a smeared lens.  Find myself in a strange world, a brave new world which is braver and in point of fact newer than Huxley could have imagined. This world has a digital sheen, a world of glossed pages, lights and suffused with graphics and animation. Life as blockbuster film. It is a world of enlightenment and endarkenment, equally mixed and with a splash of lemon on the side. You know, for zest. Is it a world of substance or of mere lonely soulism, as unfilling as cotton candy? I suppose it depends on how you use it.

Cognition is now. I blog, therefore I am.

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