Geek-Out 2009

It is no secret that I love science fiction films and shows, as long as they have literary value. If they’re just cheesy low-budget stuff with no thought behind them, then I don’t love them. 

I have not been a huge Star Trek fan. I don’t care for most of the early films, though my enjoyment of them has spiked with The Undiscovered Country and into the Next Generation films. I have not been such a fan of the shows. I’ll watch the original occasionally, but Next Generation was too lumbering and dry for me; Deep Space Nine, beyond some improvements, was a soap opera and a poor-man’s knock-off of Babylon 5; Voyager I enjoyed to an extent, depending upon the season, because of its fresh approach. As to Enterprise, well, perhaps it is better if nothing at all is said. Yet the films since Undiscovered Country I have enjoyed, with the sole exception of Generations.

The height of the franchise, in my estimation, has been First Contact, for its engaging depth of character and real genuine tension. 

Well, the new trailer for the new, reinvisioning/prequel film Star Trek is out, and right now it looks like it could top First Contact. Take a look.

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