New Year, New Blog Activity

Okay. It’s true. This blog has been stagnant, starting to imitate particularly rank ponds. There’s even some of that green algae floating around. And as this is the new year, 2010 (Happy New Year everybody!), I thought I would bring this big guy back to life by doing something incredibly easy. I’m going to write on it.

A radical idea, no? Here’s what I’m thinking. I read a lot, but not enough to be constantly writing about it here. I write a lot too, but there’s only so much you can talk about it before people start to tune out, glance at their watch, and inch towards the door. Besides, it makes me feel uncomfortable and self-serving to be talking about what I’ve just written about. So I’m going to start a whole new section of posts which will be devoted to a Christian approach to film and, most importantly, to film music. I know a lot of home schooling and Christian schooling families that love film music, and I know a lot more who would love it if they even knew it existed. So begins my series of reviews of films and of film music. I own a lot of scores, I can put together something resembling snappy sentences, and I’m passionate about the subject.

Look out world. Whole new blog for a whole new year, coming at’cha.

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