Writing Updates

Fiction has been on something of a back burner for the past few weeks as other projects and issues have reared their heads, demanding my attention.

I was flying through Pirate’s Redemption before traveling for a few days, and in all the confusion and stress the muse got stuck. It’s been set aside until the muse strikes again, which is honestly frustrating because of how close I was to the end. Maybe two more chapters to the end and I hit a brick wall. But it’ll get finished sometime shortly here. The batteries aren’t dead, they just need to recharge.

A bit of good news, however. I finally got unstuck on The Book of Secrets, the first volume of my fantasy series. It needed some serious re-outlining and restructuring before I attempted to do another rewrite. Thankfully the solution to the structure clicked two weeks ago and I floated through the restructuring process. I now have two full chapters rewritten and others soon to follow.

The time is soon coming for me to start thinking about editing and rewriting The Mirror of Life, my second fantasy volume, along with starting the first draft of volume three, The Soul Stone. I hope to take time in the mess of the holidays and keep pushing through to finish them.

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