How to Read the “Tales of Numaloria” Shorts

I’m in the process of releasing a few short stories set in the fantasy world of my longer series, The Word and the Sword. The first book in that series is due out in November. Obviously since they are primarily fragments, smaller stories in a world nobody is yet familiar with, I am mostly getting these stories set up for when the series starts to get released. They do stand alone and makes sense on their own, but the context of the world will make more sense when people have read the series.

It is not necessary to have read the shorts in order to understand the series, as the series is the primary narrative set in the world. My hope is that they will be “bridge” stories to keep readers in the world between books. I also have ideas for some future books set in the universe, but they’ll have to wait until the major story arc of The Word and the Sword is finished.

There will be more stories coming, and then I will be arranging those stories into collections. I’m also planning on doing some novellas in the same universe. That’s the great thing about having such an expansive world to play in; I can devise any number of side stories set in other ages and other parts of my world without endangering the central series. I’m working on the first novella right now, a story I’m calling “The Peasant King,” which, while history, has fairy tale elements to it. It is also a bit more of a romance than I have attempted before. Stay tuned on when that one will be available!

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