Monthly Word Counts

I thought it would be fun to post an ongoing, monthly update on how many words I’m writing per month. This gives me a better idea of how much I’m producing, and gives the interested something to follow along with here at the blog.

I missed posting August’s numbers here on the blog (those of you following my facebook page, however, should have seen them already).

So here they are.


56,000 words. Almost all of this was fiction, and does not include blog posts, FB comments, or non-fiction works.


Around 135,000 words. Over 65,000 of these were fiction, though about 70,000 were nonfiction. I have a book on writing and publishing I’m working on for Brackburn, and I also have some nonfiction titles I’m working on under a different name. Most of the projects I started in September ended up being longer projects (August focused on short stories, mostly). The stories I’m working on now will probably be novella or short-novel lengths, and I’m hoping to have them out to readers by the end of the year, but we’ll see.

I was surprised by how much I managed to accomplish in September. Before I did the math, I thought for sure I would have written less than August, because I had various health problems, fatigue, poison ivy, and other things to slow me down. I also had to do revisions for The Book of Secrets (watch for it in November!). We’ll see how October goes: I want to finish up my novella projects and finalize my outline for book four in my fantasy series so that the actual draft writing can start in November.

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