2013 End-of-Year Word Count Roundup

I’ve been trying out a new thing this year, tracking my monthly word counts, tallying up how many new words of fiction I manage each month. I only started in August, and have been posting them here occasionally. My goal for next year is to actually post my numbers on the blog at the end of each month. These numbers have been rounded to the nearest even total.

Here are the tallies for 2013:

August: 56,000 words of fiction.

September: 135,000 words, 65,000 fiction, and about 70,000 nonfiction.

October: 35,000 words of fiction.

November: 45,000 words; 15,000 fiction, and 30,000 nonfiction.

December: 64,000 words of fiction.

Plus I finished about 40,000 new words to finish book three in The Word and the Sword series in May, before I started tallying.

So my grand total this year was: 360,000 words for 2013; 260,000 words of fiction, and 100,000 words of nonfiction. 320,000 words were produced in the last six months of the year.

I have to say, I did not expect this at all when I decided to start counting. It really surprised me (in a good way) how much writing can be accomplished when I apply myself. I am excited to track my words for the whole of 2014 and see how much I can produce!

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