A. T. RossA. T. Ross is the author of thirteen novels in the fantasy genre (and one historical adventure), six of which have been published. He generally uses his real name for his writing, though he has used pen names for his three non-fiction books. Murder in Althoris Square (2015) is his most recent novel, with the fourth novel in his main fantasy series forthcoming.

In real life he has degrees in history and English literature, and is pursuing a Masters in psychology and clinical counseling to pay the bills by helping hurting and broken people. In school he was a an independent-minded student who preferred reading books that struck his fancy in the college library to focusing on his homework, yet managed to graduate anyhow. While in school, he also appeared on the National Dean’s List (2002); is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society; and was the vice president of the International Justice Mission (MC chapter), 2006-2009.

After struggling with chronic back pain for most of his life, in April of 2016 he was diagnosed with scoliosis and an extra vertebrae in his lower spine. This problem was never diagnosed in his early life because his family never had health insurance or could afford a family doctor, but he is grateful to be working on fixing the problem now.


He lives and limps around in southeast Ohio.


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