Category: Film Music

Firewall (Alexandre Desplat)

Firewall Music composed and conducted by Alexandre Desplat Rating: ** out of ***** Desplat is an up-and-coming composer trained in the French romantic style, whose scores in general display a subtle power. Though he was not unknown in the film world before 2007, it was then with his stellar score for The Golden Compass that he became widely known beyond… Read more →

Serenity (David Newman)

Serenity Music composed and conducted by David Newman Rating: *** and 1/2 out of ***** Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) created a genre-bending show of high intelligence and literary value called Firefly which blended elements of Western, Science Fiction and Horror. Firefly was on the air for about fifteen episodes before being cancelled, in large part because… Read more →