Category: Intellectual Property

Don’t Support Your Local Bookstore

Slate today has a great article called “Don’t Support Your Local Bookstore” on the emerging trends that make e-publishing vastly superior to authors and literary culture than traditional publishers. Compared with online retailers, bookstores present a frustrating consumer experience. A physical store—whether it’s your favorite indie or the humongous Barnes & Noble at the mall—offers a relatively paltry selection, no… Read more →

Swiss Government Declares File-Sharing to be Legal

Some interesting news on the intellectual property front. As our country works toward intensifying the criminal prosecution of those found to be file-sharing (to the point of desiring the power to kill websites that post copyrighted content), Switzerland has defied the corporate Entertainment lobby and affirmed its earlier ruling that peer-to-peer downloading of copyrighted material for personal use is completely… Read more →

Our Lost Culture

Yet because the copyright term is now so long, in many cases extending well over a century, most of twentieth century culture is still under copyright–copyrighted but unavailable. Much of this, in other words, is lost culture. No in is reprinting the books, screening the films, or playing the songs. No one is allowed to. In fact, we may not… Read more →