Category: Shameless Plugging

Announcing My First Novel

Well, it is official, folks. I’ve made up my mind. I am venturing off into the great unknown of publishing land with a makeshift vessel of my own construction. Given my abilities in the construction area of things, you can understand just how nerve-wracking and exciting this is. Nothing says “adventure” like setting sail in a ship with no bottom.… Read more →

My First Short Story Accepted

A few days ago I received an email from Magpie Eclectic Press, letting me know that they have accepted my short story “The Five Wishes,” for their 2012 short fantasy fiction anthology Such generosity is, of course, both appreciated and a kindness I remain assured is above my pay grade and skill. Look at me, a published (soon-to-be) author and… Read more →

If You Can’t Post Comments . . .

I recently switched website layouts because the other one was far too much hassle, despite the look of the thing which I actually quite liked. However, because of the switch there have been some unforseen problems with the theme and its integration into the site, to wit., it does not appear anyone can post any comments over here for reasons… Read more →

Yes, I Shall Return

The blog’s been a bit silent for the last two weeks or so, which I didn’t really intend, but which happened anyway. What with one thing and another, this thing and that thing, plus some plain old exhaustion, I’ve been on radio silence. Consider the silence broken. At least, for the immediate future. This will I’ll have some things up,… Read more →

All Kinds of Awesome

I geek out more than I should rightfully care to admit. But that’s okay. My latest is over the trailer to the forthcoming comic book film The Avengers. What with Thor and Iron Man (both of whom had excellent filmic debuts) included in the mix, and the fact that the film is written and directed by the ever-inspiring Joss Whedon,… Read more →