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The Trans-muttation of Katniss

A few months back I wrote a two-part post here about the transformation of Katniss. I want to pick up this theme again briefly by showing that Katniss and Peeta becoming muttations is not a bad thing, but the natural conclusion of the series, and symbolically becomes associated with what the Christian tradition has called the Resurrection of the Body.… Read more →

Katniss the Betrayer? Part Two

Yesterday we began a look at unveiling some reasons why Katniss supported President Coin’s decision to begin another Hunger Games and then why she killed Coin instead of Snow. My argument is that these two actions by Katniss are the proper climax of the trilogy, the hinge upon which the whole structure turns. We looked partly last time at this… Read more →

Katniss the Betrayer? Part One

*major spoilers ahead. Proceed only if you’ve finished Mockingjay* A lot of readers were confused and disturbed by the end of Mockingjay, that it was “out of character” with the rest of the series, that it was “dark,” or that it was “inconsistent” with Katniss’ character. I submit the reason for this concern is that many are not really sure… Read more →