Pirate’s Redemption



“John Williamson’s father was a pirate, and no mistake; that much his mother had told him. She spoke of him often, always in the tone of a woman spurned, and the tales were never good.” – from Pirate’s Redemption



1681 A. D.

Massachusetts Bay Colony


John Rackham’s father was a pirate, and no mistake. He was first mate to Bloodbeard, the legendary terror of the Spanish Main, who bathes his beard in the blood of his victims. After taking John’s mother as a lover for a night, he abandoned her, never to return. Twelve years later, John’s father unexpectedly returns with a tale of betrayal and the offer of a lifetime.


Caught by Port Royal authorities, John’s father turned privateer and has spent the last twelve years hunting down all the treasure he ever buried, returning it to the British crown in exchange for his freedom and his life. Now he has one more treasure to recover and he will be free. The only question is: Does John want to come with him on one last voyage to steal the treasure he buried on the hidden island of San Thanatos?


Bloodbeard and John’s father made sure only they knew the precise location of the treasure. With nothing but the name of the island and rising questions about the intentions of John’s father, danger is around every turn. Before they can reclaim the gold, they must brave storms, sea monsters, and the uncharted waters beyond any map to find a lost island filled with more dangers than the voyage itself. Seas that become more dangerous because Bloodbeard knows of their plan, and more than protecting his treasure he is desperate to exact revenge upon John’s father, his turncoat first mate. More important than the gold to John, however, is reclaiming a father he thought was lost forever.


Status: complete, first draft

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