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Farewell to the Decade of Harry Potter

Today marks the end of an epoch, an aeon in literary history. Today the final Harry Potter film is released and the cultural and international phenomenon that has united so many and single-handedly created millions of new, enthusiastic readers, comes to an end. It is a hard day. I am both thrilled and saddened beyond measure to finally see the… Read more →

Film Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In the fourth cinematic installment of the Potter series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry finds himself discovering new things about the Wizarding World. Hogwarts plays host to a legendary magical event, the Triwizard Tournament, and will compete against two other magical schools. But when Harry’s name mysteriously emerges from the Goblet of Fire, he has no choice… Read more →

Character, Not Magic

“Were his adventures set mainly in the nonwizarding, Muggle world, Harry would in fact be a far less interesting literary character. His magic would set him apart from everyone else and this magical difference would be the key component in the eventual resolution of all the novels’ plots. But as we saw in Chapter One, magic is not the key… Read more →