Writing Resolutions for 2014

Everybody does New Years Resolutions, and I’m also aware that they are typically done in January. So I’m starting my resolution by the time most people have given up on theirs. But I really want to shoot for this one, and I think you’ll all be excited to hear about it too.

My 2014 writing resolution is to finish two novels this year.

My average time actually writing a novel is between three and four months, though usually spread out over a longer period. I managed to finish this last book, book four in my The Word and the Sword series, in just about three and a half months exactly, and in that same timeframe. And I also had a bunch of gaps, so I’m betting I could have had it done in two-and-a-half if I’d really pushed at it.

My goal is to try to hit 1,000 words a day for three months on each book (making about 90,000 words total) with a month in between to outline and plan. We’ll see how it goes, and if it goes really well, I might even get a start on a third novel before the year’s end.

Regardless, my hope is to be able to shorten the gap between the releases in The Word and the Sword series. That means less waiting for the next one, and less heartbreak over the inevitable cliffhangers.

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