Word Count for May 2014

I lost track of my monthly word count for a few months there. The writing was slow, I was sick, and there were a variety of other excuses. But in those months I finished book four of my series, which clocked in at 93,000 words, so that’s something.

For the last two months I have been writing book five, and have done about 80,000 words on it so far, which puts me at about 40,000 per month.

I set a goal of finishing book five in three months, so I’m in the last stretch. We’ll see if I can do it – book five is turning out to be quite a bit longer than book four was. I’m about 13,000 words shy of the full count for book four, but I’m only about halfway through book five, so it could easily go another 50-60,000 words before I’m done. If that is the case, I might extend my goal simply because it is so much longer than the others. We’ll have to see.

Meanwhile, the cover art for book two is nearly done, and I expect to have that one out in another two months or so. Stay tuned!

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