The Mirror of Life Cover and Description!

I need to start posting more on the blog, so I’m going to be trying to do that more. In this case, I have some very exciting news. I have finished all of the edits for book two, The Mirror of Life, and it is currently being prepared for publication as an ebook (paperback will follow shortly after). It should be up and available to purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords within a week or so. I’ll be putting up a Now Available notice on the blog when I know when that happens.

So, without further adieu, here is the cover and description for Finian’s second adventure!

It has been nearly a month since the battle beneath the Paideia, and Finian is now greeted with cheers and celebration everywhere he goes. Even those who once hated and ignored him now want him as a friend. In the face of such overwhelming praise, he is beginning to believe his own press and a growing pride fills his mind.

The once simple lines of good and evil have begun to blur in the complexity of alliances, loyalties, and politics, and Finian yearns for a return to simplicity. His sleep is haunted by nightmares. Tension has begun to grow between him and his friends, and tests the strength of friendships. And the arrival of the King’s Guard at the Paideia brings with it new challenges: the glory-hungry Prince of the realm, and a man known as the Honorable Mr. Haught, who has come to help Finian learn more about his parentage.

But all ambiguity disappears when Kara is kidnapped and taken from the Paideia. Finian’s choice is clear. He must go after her, striking out across Nulor on a perilous quest filled with deadly foes and ravenous creatures. Along the way, Finian will draw ever closer to the truth of who he is and who he was born to be.

Filled with sweeping adventure and extraordinary characters, The Mirror of Life continues the unforgettable fantasy epic begun in The Book of Secrets.

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