Updates on Thus and Sundry, Including Health and Novels

I’m back!

I mean, I’m always somewhere. But more recently than not I haven’t been here, which is to say in this digital space for my ramblings on the world wide interwebs.

The reasons are numerous.

  1. I’m a terrible blogger. That’s a pretty good reason, I think. I rarely know what to write about, and my temptation is to just ramble on about writing.
  2. I live a very boring life. I mean, it isn’t boring to me, but I like my personal space and enjoy being an introverted homebody. So I hang out with my friends on the weekend and mostly just write and read and binge-watch TV shows on Netflix. Not exactly thrilling fodder to keep up a blogging presence. (Besides, I can be here writing blogs or offline writing novels.)
  3. Health issues. I suffer from chronic back pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. And there have been quite a few upheavals in my personal life as well, all of which combines to kick me in the butt. A lot of times I have to pick my battles and choose what I’m going to spend my limited energy on. Writing generally heads that list.

But. I’m still here, and I am not going away, even if I am going silent. You can be sure I will be back, and generally with news.

So. News. I finished writing book nine in The Word and the Sword series as well as completing the first novel in a new series set in the same world of Numaloria. This other series is a hybrid of a mystery/crime/police novel set in Karvalahall and follows the cases of Inspector Corvinus Finch. Very excited about this series, and I’m already neck deep in the sequel, as well as book ten in the main series.

Stay tuned for more!

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