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Pirate’s Redemption Released!

I have been working toward publication for a long time, a long long time, in fact. I’ve been writing since the age of ten, but I’ve been seriously working toward getting my books published since I was fifteen. That’s well over a decade (I’m not telling you how much over a decade!) of steady work, all building toward this moment.… Read more →

2013 Book Releases

2013 promises to be a good year. I am still currently on track to release my novels this year, and there may be some other good news on the way. 1. My stand-alone historical adventure Pirate’s Redemption is still on track for a May 2013 release. The official release date will be May 31st, 2013, though it could be available… Read more →

So, Disney Buys Star Wars

Confession time: when I first heard this news, the news that Lucas sold Star Wars and Indiana Jones to Disney, my first response was to scream. When I finished, I felt like drowning myself in the bathtub. I might have pushed the big red button on my death ray prototype. I’m not totally sure about that last one . .… Read more →

Artwork and Writing

Just a few weeks ago I got the first concept sketches back from friend and local artist Rachel Justice, and thought I would meditate on the process a little bit. 1. It is scary letting somebody else take your imaginary friends and render likenesses of them. If you’re an author, you know what I mean. There is a small part… Read more →

Soundtrack Review: Snow White and the Huntsman (James Newton Howard)

Snow White and the Huntsman James Newton Howard Rating: *** James Newton Howard’s music has remained consistently good since his rather explosive entrance into mainstream film composition with 2000’s Dinosaur, going on to score some of the decade’s most memorable films. The quality of his music has remained good, while others have stumbled and drifted or receded into the background.… Read more →