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Word Count for August 2014

I wrote about 80,000 words in August, spanning the second two-thirds of book six and the first third of book seven of The Word and the Sword series. I’m really excited to get these books to you guys – each one gets better than the last, or so I think anyway. It is strange to look at how much more… Read more →

Word Count for July 2014

Another good month. I managed to start book six and have written 51,000 words this month, even despite a lot of personal issues that have affected my life which felt like they delayed and slowed my writing a lot. 51,000 words puts me at about the halfway mark in the book, so if I can keep up this pace I… Read more →

Word Count for June 2014

Quite a bit of progress in June. I met my goal of finishing book five in three months (began April 2) with 10 days to spare – and technically more if you want to get picky about it, as I was sick for a week in there as well. I managed to impress myself by finishing early because book five… Read more →

Word Count for May 2014

I lost track of my monthly word count for a few months there. The writing was slow, I was sick, and there were a variety of other excuses. But in those months I finished book four of my series, which clocked in at 93,000 words, so that’s something. For the last two months I have been writing book five, and… Read more →

Word Count for January 2014

I know, I know, this is way late. But I have a good reason for forgetting to do this. I just finished book four in The Word and the Sword series and I’m also hard at work prepping book two for release (I’m shooting for August 2014, but we’ll see). So: my word tallies for January weren’t all that impressive.… Read more →