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Writers: Pen Names or No Pen Names?

Dean Wesley Smith, typically rock solid on this brave new world of publishing, has some strong words in favor of pen names. I usually find myself bobbing my head in agreement and finding his advice and passion helpful as I set out planning my own terrifying venture into the world of publishing (hopefully soon). The whole of his argument seems… Read more →

On Becoming a Better Writer

I know a lot of aspiring writers and novelists. Occasionally in our conversations, one or two of them will say that they don’t read fiction much – they focus on reading books and blogs about writing. These poor fellows (for those I have in mind were all fellows) thought simply reading about writing was enough to make one a decent… Read more →

Don’t Suck

What with the rising sales of e-books, the general advancement of the all-around e-revolution, and the failure and crisis within many larger book publishers and stores, writers and creative types can increasingly no longer rely upon the traditional Big Six to protect poor writing. We now have to deliver the goods more than ever. So it turns out the best… Read more →

Who Do You Write Like?

So I ran across the I Write Like website, a site devoted to evaluating prose and telling you which famous author you most sound like. My results are below. Who do you write like? I write likeUrsula K. Le Guin I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing! Read more →

The Significance of Everything

Everything contains significance. But some significances are more equal than others. The writers whom we agree are the great ones deal only in matters of proved importance. They are great because their subjects and themes are great, and thus their usefulness is great as well. Their souls are great, and they have had the good sense and the courage to… Read more →